3D house planning pioneered by local woman

Interior designers are going a step further and taking their clients into their dream home without stepping inside.

It’s called 3D space planning. Everything you can imagine in a room: walls, carpet, furniture, etc. interior designer Amber Clore can create it. “As designers we can actually create a space before you actually have to purchase everything so you can really see in a 3D perspective,” said interior designer Amber Clore.

Ceci McClure is a busy mom and a business woman. She told us she barely found time to find house in Lake Mary, let alone have time to decorate it. So she asked Amber for help. “I sent her photos and different photos of inspiration and putting it on 3D you can really feel like you’re there. You can walk me through and change the room around if I didn’t like something,” said homeowner Ceci McClure.

Clore was walking us through the house in the 3D world on her computer and it slowly came to life into a place where McClure now calls home. “Wow it was beautiful! It was everything I had hoped it would be,” said McClure as she remembered the first time she walked into her brand new Lake Mary home.

But 3D planning is not cheap. Clore said on average, to plan out a room, it can cost about $500. However, clients like Ceci McClure, said it’s worth every penny. “Anyone looking for an interior designer definitely have something in 3D. It does make the process a little more enticing and also a little more reality. And I don’t think you’ll be disappointed,” said McClure.

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