3 train crashes at same intersection in Orlando within 5 months

Fox 35 is pushing for answers after another train hit a car on the tracks on Colonial Drive. This is the third crash in 5 months. 

In December, officials with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) said they would add more signage and would be making improvements. On Wednesday, Colonial Drive was shut down in both direction after a SunRail train collided with a vehicle caught in between the crossing guardrails.

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The driver taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center in serious condition. The 82 passengers on board the train were okay.

Back in December, two train vs. car wrecks happened in one day at the same intersection. Police say a SunRail train struck the rear of a car and about two hours later, an Amtrak train slammed into the bed of a pickup truck. Both drivers were lucky to be alive.

One of the drivers involved in the wreck told told Fox 35 the back tip of his truck was lingering over the line, which is what led to the SunRail train smashing into him, but he says that FDOT should have had more warnings in place

After closely monitoring the crossing, the FDOT said they would like to make improvements, like adding more signs to alert drivers about the construction zone and to remind them to not stop on the tracks, or too close to them. But many drivers do not adhere to the stop sign.

FDOT has said in the past that all cars should wait to cross the tracks until they can see enough space is clear for them to get to the other side.