3 shark bites in 3 days reported on Florida's east coast

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Three shark bites have been reported by beach-goers on Florida's east coast in less than a week. Two of them happened in Volusia County.

Two people reported being bitten Saturday. According to Fox News, professional surfer, 23-year-old Frank O'Rourke was bitten on his arm while surfing at Jacksonville Beach. O'Rourke told News4Jax his injuries were minor and he opted to go to a bar - instead of the hospital - after it happened. 

Also Saturday, an Arizona man was bitten on the leg at New Smyrna Beach. Bill Angell told FOX 10 Phoenix he saw sharks at New Smyrna Beach on previous trips, but this time it took him a minute to realize what it was.

%INLINE%"I never felt anything beyond the initial collision," said Angell, via a phone interview. "I started thinking about what did I hit, and I realized it must have been a shark."

Angell called his wound "superficial" but bite marks were visible on his knee.

Monday, another bite was reported on the same beach. FOX 35 Orlando reports 18-year-old Reed Zipperer was bitten on his left hand at New Smyrna Beach. 

He's the sixth person bitten by a shark this year in Volusia County.

Ocean Rescue Capt. Tammy Malphurs said the teen was in waist-deep water at the time of the bite. He was treated at the beach and then drove himself to the hospital.

This story was reported from Tampa, Florida.