3 arrested in DeLand school vandalism case

Two teenagers and one adult were arrested in an investigation into vandalism at a DeLand school.  They busted out doors and windows, smashed computer screens and even had a food fight in the cafeteria.

Wearing hooded sweatshirts, masks and gloves, authorities said Brandon Carver, 21, and the two other suspects, ages 15 and 17,  broke into DeLand High School earlier this week.

A day after the break-in at DeLand High School, a similar incident occurred at DeLand Middle School.  It was during that investigation that a police officer received a tip which helped lead to the arrests.

Detectives believe the suspects used concrete blocks to break into the high school and smashed computers using hammers. The suspects also can be seen on surveillance footage throwing soda cans in the cafeteria. All told, damages could total close to $100,000.

The three suspects have been charged with criminal mischief, causing damage of more than $1,000 and burglary of a structure, both felonies.   A fourth suspect is also facing charges.

Detectives believe the two school vandalism cases may be related.