2 sent to hospital after plane crashes into home

Authorities say two people were injured when a small plane crashed through some trees and landed in the backyard of a Florida home.

The crash occurred around 10 a.m. Tuesday as the plane was attempting to approach runway 18 at Massey Ranch Airpark. 

Friends say the pilot, 23-year-old Amrit Ramnarine, was taking his younger 21-year-old sister, Asha, for a flying lesson.

"I saw him at 8 o'clock this morning," said their neighbor, Mark Gordon. "It's shocking. I don' t believe it."

"He's an instructor," said friend Knight Liao. "They are pretty nice kids, like flying, and I hope they can get well."

Dorothy O'Brien was getting ready for a lunch date, when she heard the plane crash into her carport. 

"I heard this terrible terrible noise, like a big crash. I looked out my window, and I seen my carport, one of the pieces," she said.

O'Brien wasn't hurt.  Neighbor Lynn Everett heard the crash and came to check it out.

"I just heard a crash. It sounded like a car crash! They come over, and they come too close, and it's scary!" she said.

This neighborhood is just a few blocks from the Massy Ranch Airpark. Small planes fly over every day, all day, residents said..

"It's just my carport, that can be replaced. I prayed, and I thank God every day, and I pray for the two kids that were in there."

The owner of Daytona Aviation, Ken Ali, confirmed that Amrit teaches at their flight school. On Tuesday, he decided to take his younger sister for a private lesson, not involving the school.  Instead, he rented a single-engine Piper. 

Ali said the kids' parents will be coming into town on Wednesday. He is asking for prayers, hoping they will make a full recovery -- something their friends are also hoping for. 

"They're fantastic kids, very well behaved," Gordon added.

The 21-year-old woman is in critical condition at an area hospital; her brother is in serious but stable condition. The cause of the crash remains under investigation.