16-year-old Altamonte Springs girl arrested for threatening to shoot up school, police say

We’re not even done with the second week of school in Central Florida and so far several students have been arrested for making threats to commit mass shootings at school.

They all claim it’s a joke, but law enforcement isn’t laughing and now these kids are facing serious charges. The latest shooting threat allegedly targeting students at St. Mary Magdalen Catholic School.

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A 16-year-old girl from Lyman High School in Altamonte Springs is accused of posting the threat on her younger sister’s group chat.

According to police, she admitted to the crime, apologized and is being charged with making a written threat to kill, do bodily injury or conduct a mass shooting.

On Monday, another teen was arrested after threatening to shoot up Sea Breeze High School in Volusia County on a video game chat. FBI tracked him through his IP address.

Last week, a former Seminole County student made a threat on social media threatening Lake Brantley High School.

Authorities said they have to treat every threat as a real one.

If a student is found guilty of making one of these written threats, they could face jail time, fines and school expulsion. They will also have to explain their charges on any future college or job applications.

Each of these teens will now have what they said live on forever as evidence in a criminal investigation.