11-year-old invents backpack to stop bullying in schools

A sixth-grader turned his struggle with bullies into a patented invention. Makai Samuels-Paige said he was made fun of for his height and was in some cases physically bullied, so he created the "Anti-Bullying Backpack" to record bullies in the act.

The 11-year-old has been inventing creative devices for years. He built his own working hovercraft and a remote-controlled lawnmower. 

"I was always taking apart my toys," said Makai Samuels-Paige. "That just sparked something in me."

There was one problem makai was having trouble solving: bullies at school.

"I'm not one of the tallest sixth-graders," said Samuels-Paige. "I'm one of the shorter ones, so when I get picked on, it makes me feel like I'm nothing, and I want to change that," he said.

He's been pushed and called names, so he focused his inventing power to stop that from happening again. It's been hurting," said Samuels-Paige of the bullying. "That's why I created this." He fought back with brainpower, creating the "Anti-Bully Backpack."

The backpack has two cameras, wifi, GPS, and a walkie-talkie system that alerts parents when a recording starts.

"With the bully backpack, don't fight back, you've got your proof right here," said the student.

Makai just got a patent for the design he hopes to be able to produce soon. He said he is currently looking for investors to help him out.

"Technology is doing all of this stuff, it's driving cars...flying airplanes, so why don't we use it to solve a social problem?" said Samuels-Paige.

His parents say they're thankful their son is harnessing his hurt to help himself and others.

"I hate to hear those stories," said Chanel Samuels, Makai's mom. "It really bothers me that kids bother him, but at the end of the day, he's coming up with a solution that can be world-changing."

Makai 's next big invention involves a jet ski, and while he can't say what it will do just yet, he is raising money to build something he says will save lives. You can help him. Just click HERE to donate. He would also love to be able to purchase a 3D printer to keep creating more inventions.