10-year-old boy dies after accidental shooting

EDITOR'S NOTE: Daytona Beach police say the 10-year-old boy who was accidentally shot by a 14-year-old has died. The original story is below.

Police swarmed a neighborhood after they got reports of a 10-year-old boy with a gunshot wound.

Daytona Beach Police said the boy and his 14-year-old friend found a handgun in a dresser. Police said they took it out and started playing with it. That's when the 14-year-old accidentally shot the 10-year-old.

Paul James lives nearby. "We heard the police coming up saying, 'Where's the gun? Where's the gun?' Like that," James said.

Investigators said this was a tragic accident, and they are not pressing any charges against the homeowner.

Chief Craig Capri said if you have guns at home, store them safely. "I keep my guns locked and secured. Just, it's a process, because unfortunately I've seen so much of this stuff out here."

Capri said he was praying for the 10-year-old, who went to Arnold Palmer Hospital in critical condition.