Will the weather be nice enough to eat outside on Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving week is upon us and we have beautiful weather conditions to eat outside to stay socially distant this holiday.

The weekend saw a stormy and gloomy end, but thankfully these conditions are not carrying into the week. A weak and dry cold front is sweeping through Central Florida on Monday. It is bringing dry, clear, and breezy conditions across the region.

Overnight lows Monday night into Tuesday morning will be dipping into the low-60s and upper-50s across the region. That will be the coolest evening this week.

Temperatures will be in the upper-70s by Tuesday with a 0 percent chance for rain.

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By Thursday, you can expect very similar conditions.

Orlando will have a high of 81 degrees. It'll be sunny and dry, with just some clouds off of easterly breezes but that is about it. Winds will have decreased by then, so it will be a lovely night to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner outside.

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