Record heat coming to Central Florida this weekend

We've all heard the old saying, "some like it hot" and if you do, then the weekend forecast is for you! Model forecasts continue to hint at very warm weekend weather as high pressure continues it's grip on the region.

We continue cold front free with daily high temps and overnight lows well above normals for this time of year. You can see the position of the high, squarely on top of Florida for the weekend, a bonafide heat machine of sorts.

A look at weekend high temperatures reveals hot weather taking over the area. Keeping in mind, record highs for many inland locations are in the low-mid 90s. We could see records possibly in Orlando Northward into Seminole and interior areas of Volusia Coutny West of I-95.

If the Atlantic seabreeze is a little slower to activate Saturday and Sunday afternoons, then temperatures along the beaches could easily rise into the 90s.

Concern continues to build in regard to our lack of rainfall across pretty much all of Florida. Appreciable rain has not been seen around here in weeks and our local environment reveals just that. Many locations are becoming tinder dry and with lower levels of humidity, the risk of wildfires will continue to rise as we head into April and likely May. Stay tuned!