Longwood basketball court gets 'Candyland-themed makeover

The basketball courts at Longwood's Candyland Athletic Complex got a very Candyland-themed makeover.

Young basketball players broke in the courts for the first time Thursday afternoon.

"It’s like cool. But it’s like kind of nerve-wracking too. Because there's an NBA player over there," youth basketball player, William Heilman said. 

Magic forward, Franz Wagner got to check out the courts too, and he shot a few hoops with the youngsters. 

"It's cool for me. It’s a big part of everybody’s dream kind of trying stuff out on courts outside. So it’s cool for me to be able to be a part of this," Wagner said. 

These renovations were made possible thanks to NBA Top Shot, Project Backboard, and the Orlando Magic. 

It took about 11 days for designers to finish the court's artwork. 

"I definitely wanted to incorporate that Candyland name into the design, but also keep it like broad enough where you can create a bunch of different games from the lines and the shapes that are on the court," Project Backboard designer, Hannah Hunter said. 

The makeover is part of a bigger project with the park. The city's already installed a new playground and pickleball courts. 

"We want our youth to have safe places to go and either learn a new sport, be part of a team. This part has needed updated for quite a long time,"Longwood Mayor Matt Morgan said.