Brooks Garner

Brooks Garner


Brooks is no stranger to Florida weather and has been a TV meteorologist for the better part of 20 years. His experience spans from the big cities of the northeast to the high Rockies of Colorado and virtually everywhere in between. 

He’s covered many hurricanes while broadcasting in the Carolinas with WIS, in Tampa at WFLA, and in Houston at KHOU. Over the years, he’s met one-on-one with some of the top minds in tropical meteorology from a former Director of the National Hurricane Center to leading seasonal forecasters in academia, to become an expert in the field.

Brooks even flew with the NOAA Hurricane Hunters, into Hurricane Sandy as it tracked over the Bahamas, pushing through its eye-wall 5 times in extreme turbulence while carefully monitoring weather conditions. Later, he would forecast for and personally endure what would be verified as the worst rainstorm in the history of the US, as Hurricane Harvey flooded Houston with nearly 60" of rain.

When not following the weather, he raises his young children here in central Florida with his wonderful wife Erica, alongside two crazy Australian shepherds.

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