Young koala Elsa celebrates first Easter at Australian Reptile Park

Elsa the koala celebrated her first Easter in a video released by the Australian Reptile Park on April 11.

Elsa, a one-year-old koala living at the park, sat in a basket and enjoyed flowers, head scratches, and a bouquet of eucalyptus leaves.

Hayley Shute, an expert from the park, told Storyful, “Easter is a very special time of the year for families, and although koalas cannot have chocolate like we can, I think fresh eucalyptus leaves were the next best thing!”


Last year, the Australian Reptile Park staff had to rush to Elsa’s aid when her mother was unable to produce milk. The tiny joey was named Elsa after the Disney Queen and would not have survived if the staff didn’t intervene. 

Although the Australian Reptile Park has been closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, the park has continued to provide the public with virtual classes and animal livestreams. 

According to the Australian Reptile Park, Elsa has become a local celebrity, amassing over 10 million YouTube viewers.