Woman claims deputy smashed her window during traffic stop

A woman claims an Orange County Sheriff's Office deputy broke her car window during a traffic stop on International Drive near Sand Lake Road.

Shadya Miguel, 24, of Clermont, is charged with resisting arrest.
"He opened my passenger door and told me to unlock the door, and to stop resisting the officer. I'm screaming. I'm hysterical. I'm like I'm not resisting  at all," Shadya Miguel told FOX 35 News.
According to the arrest report, the deputy pulled Miguel over because she had damage to the back of her vehicle from a previous accident, making it difficult to read her tag.

In the incident report, the deputy said the tag appeared to be registered to a Black Hyundai, not Miguel's white Chevy.
"He came back to the car and he asked me for my registration. I said I don't have it with me at this time. He said, 'OK, step out of the vehicle.' I said, 'OK, can you explain to me why?'"

Miguel went on to say, "[He] automatically got aggravated. 'Step out of the vehicle,' he asked again. I said, 'I'm a little uncomfortable could you please just let me know why.'"
According to the deputy, Miguel became argumentative, so he called for back up.
The report states that the deputy misread the tag.
The Orange County Sheriff's Office confirms their office of professional standards did receive the complaint, but they did not comment on the situation.