Woman angry after President Trump brick removed from sidewalk

A brick supporting President Donald Trump has been removed from a sidewalk in New Smyrna Beach.

It was removed about a two weeks ago. The woman who purchased it, Afin Casey, said her first amendment rights have been violated.

"It's my brick," Afin Casey said. "It's not the association's brick. I paid for it, but they act like they can do with it whatever they want, you know, and that just isn't right."

Casey is a proud President Trump supporter, so is her great-grandson, Brandon. 

Casey volunteered for President Trump's campaign in 2016 and also attended a rally with her great-grandson.

To commemorate the memories they shared, Casey purchased this brick from the Flagler Avenue Business Association to be placed among hundreds of others along Flagler Avenue.

The brick says: "Trump 2020, drain swamp, Brandon and Oma." It cost her $95.

"[I] never [thought] when I bought this brick that it could turn to something like the infringement of the first amendment, because that now seems to be what it's all about," Casey said.

After receiving negative comments about the brick, Casey said the business association removed it from the sidewalk without her knowing.

The business association sent FOX 35 a statement, which said it will discuss the guidelines for brick messages at its next meeting. 

The association said, "These updated guidelines will reinforce the program's original intent. Once the guidelines have been established, implementation will be expected to occur immediately."

But, Casey wants to have it put back, not only for her, but for her great-grandson.

"I don't want my grandson to feel that his rights are being infringed on, as well, because that's not the right thing for a child to grow up with," Casey said.

FOX 35 also contacted the city of New Smyrna Beach.

A spokesperson said the issue is also under review by the city's attorney.