Woman accused of laughing as boyfriend suffocated inside suitcase

Residents living along Frantz Court in Orange County are shocked things went this far.  Their neighbor, 42-year-old Sarah Boone, is charged with second-degree murder.  

Deputies say she suffocated her boyfriend, Jorge Torres Jr., in a suitcase and laughed as he screamed for help. 

“We have heard them have fights, yelling back and forth,” said neighbor John Richter. But he says he can’t believe it came to this.  “It baffles me. I don’t understand.”      

According to Boone’s arrest affidavit, she told investigators she and Torres were drinking wine and playing "hide-n-seek" Sunday when she zipped him into the suitcase.  She says she went upstairs and was waiting for him to come to bed and passed out.  Boone told deputies she woke up the next day, didn’t know where Torres was, then found him in the suitcase unresponsive.  According to her arrest affidavit, she called her ex-husband for help saying that Torres was dead. 

Detectives say Boone’s story doesn’t add up.  The medical examiner says the autopsy doesn’t back her story up either.  

“The evidence photos that include trauma to multiple sites on the victim’s body,” the prosecutors said.  

Deputies say their digital forensics investigators found two videos taken on Boone’s phone, showing the suitcase.  In one video, investigators say Torres is heard yelling for help pleading, “I can’t [expletive] breath, seriously!”

Deputies say Boone can be heard laughing in the video saying, “that’s what you do when you choke me…that’s on you…that’s what it feels like when you cheat on me.”  

Deputies noted that the video shows the sides of the suitcase moving as Torres tried to bust his way out of it. 

Boone is now being held at the Orange County Jail without bond.