With store shelves empty, Florida city holds toilet paper drive for residents

Hundreds of people showed up at the VFW in DeBary on Wednesday as the city held its first-ever toilet paper drive.

The event was hosted by the rotary club. Club president Erika Benfield said they were able to get 2,500 rolls of toilet paper from a supplier.

“The line for toilet paper began before my volunteers got here,” she said. Volunteers handed out toilet paper as cars drove around the building.

Residents who showed their ID were given several rolls.

“The shelves are always empty when you run into the store,” James Johnson, one of the residents who received toilet paper said. “If you’re not there by 7 o’clock In the morning you miss out, you know.”

He, like many, has had a hard time finding toilet paper.

“Target first Walmart, then over to Publix, then Winn-Dixie... you try to make your rounds to see if you can find some you know before it’s all gone,” he explained. 

Benfield said they would like to do similar drives in neighboring cities. 


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