With eye on Dorian, Space Coast residents secure boats

At the Pineda Point Marina and marinas all over Brevard County, boat owners are getting their babies out of the water as Hurricane Dorian approaches.

Some boats are being placed on industrial Styrofoam blocks, because spots in the building are hard to find. Scott Jordan is the manager. He says the docks have been destroyed in previous hurricanes, but the boats here have always come out on the other side of the storm ok.

"You'll see the boats will be spider webbed down here and if you go down to the point, you won't see any of the boats in the water out there," Jordan showed us.

Scott says one of his regular customers just bought a new boat in Orlando; it's on a trailer. Scott told him, "keep it inland," but that guy doesn't have anyplace to leave it inland, so the two of them will have a call later to reassess.

"I've seen so many storms over the years, where they change courses, they change patterns."

Scott says his building-storage bay can take winds up to 120 mph (193.12 km/h), but some boat owners in Brevard County are trying to figure out if they could take their vessel to some other part of the state, where there won't be storm conditions.

Because of the cone of uncertainty- that's a guessing game.