Winter Park city leaders to discuss possible ban of street performers Monday

A proposed ordinance in Winter Park would restrict street performers to specific locations in Winter Park's Central Business District.
Street performer Larry Walker, Jr. says they enjoy putting a smile on children's faces with his balloon creations that he can whip up within seconds.
"We don't necessarily just do it for the money, we do it see the looks on people's faces," Walker said.
He normally sits in Winter Park's Central Park a couple times a week.

sometimes he gets donations, sometimes he doesn't, but either way city officials could soon limit performers like Walker to certain areas of the business district.
"The designated areas, I don't like it, I don't like that idea much," Walker said. "I don't think any street performers or artists around here like that idea very much."
According to the city, the influx of street performers could impede traffic flow for both cars and pedestrians, block businesses and cause unwanted noise, but Walker says the limitations don't seem fair.
“I think it would be fine on just one side of the street, but the designated area, it's like they're lumping us in the same group as beggars and panhandlers and we are not," he said.
Some residents in Winter Park say they think the designated areas are a great compromise for everyone.
A first reading of the ordinance will take place at Monday’s city commission meeting.