Water damage, trees down at Flagler Schools

Matanzas High School in Palm Coast is just one of Flagler County’s schools fixing up after Hurricane Matthew.
Ken Seybold, the Assistant Principal, told Fox 35's David Williams, “You could hear the ferocity of the storm."
 Seybold slept inside the school with his family during the hurricane.
Seybold said, “It was a scary thing, but felt safe here.”
Principal Dr. Earl Johnson told Fox 35 damage to his school alone could be nearly $250,000.
“We had a lot of damage on the sides of the building right here," Dr. Johnson said as he looked up at the school's roof at the main entrance.
Hurricane Matthew’s winds were strong enough to rip about 100 feet away from a chain link fence at the stadium. The winds were strong enough to bend thick metal there, too.
Water got inside the band rooms, gym, and classrooms. Officials said water cascaded from the roof, through ceiling tiles, into about 6 classrooms.
Dr. Johnson said they’ll be ready for school Wednesday.
Fox 35 asked Dr. Johnson if he had message for students who were at home Monday.
"Be ready to learn on Wednesday," He said with a smile. "And I hope everyone is safe.”
Everyone in the area banding together to move forward.