WATCH: Squirrel 'shoplifts' peanut M&Ms at Disney

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A squirrel was on a mission for snacks that was caught on video at a shop at Walt Disney World. 

The squirrel is seen running into the shop on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom and scurrying up to the top shelf of the candy bin to steal a pack of M&Ms (with nuts, of course), as a worker tries to shoo it away. 

The people inside the shop are heard laughing as the squirrel, which apparently knew exactly what he wanted, ran off with the candy and right out the door. 

"Here's the cute little shoplifter at Magic Kingdom," Brianna Bradshaw posted along with the video. 

Bradshaw took photos of the culprit while her friend, Jessica Dornfried, took the video. 

The video, which was posted to Facebook, has been viewed more than a million times.