Wanted man calls out deputies, posts location on Facebook, gets arrested

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The Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office said they punished a wanted man who taunted deputies on Facebook, and returned the favor by posting a photo of his arrest on his timeline.

Deputies said Sergio Batchelor, who was wanted for burglaries in Rockdale and DeKalb Counties, knew they were hot on his heels, and continued to post about how law enforcement was “chasing him”. His last post seemed to call out deputies by stating “im at home if yall want me.”

It turns out Batchelor was at a home in DeKalb County when the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office Fugitive Search Team served his arrest warrant Wednesday night with the help of area law enforcement. And for good measure, deputies said they wanted to continue to keep his friends in the loop by posting the picture of his arrest to his timeline.

Deputies posted their own message for Batchelor on their Facebook page: "Mess with the bull, you get the horns."

Investigators said he was wanted for multiple burglaries of businesses and homes in the last few months, some as recent as the previous night.