Volusia Sheriff visits emaciated horses rescued from Edgewater home

Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood paid a visit to the emaciated horses that were recently seized from a home in Edgewater.

In a video on Facebook. Chitwood said the two female horses, named Tiffany and Niagra, were being cared for at an undisclosed location. The horses are suffering from malnutrition, dehydration, and a heart murmur.

"According to the vet, the next seven to 10 days are extremely important as they are put on a diet to quite frankly, fatten them up and rehydrate them," he said. "I can assure everyone they are getting the greatest of care, they are being loved, and the vet told us that in her 20 plus years of being a veterinarian, this was the worst case of malnutrition and dehydration the vet had ever seen."

Tiffany and Niagra were living at a home on Cemetery Road before authorities were called. A concerned citizen had posted photos of the thin animals on social media. FOX 35 News first brought you the story. 

"On a scale of one to nine, nine being the horses in perfect condition, the vet gave them a one," Sheriff Mike Chitwood said.

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Neighbor Julie Smith said she was very excited that something had been done about the horses and that they are eating.

"I would say July is when I actually called the sheriff’s department and reported it. I believe, do believe it was at least 20 times or more that I called," she said. "They really should have intervened sooner than this."  

Sheriff Chitwood said they are waiting for the veterinarian's report and must wait for seven to 10 days before they can press charges. The owner of the horses has signed the horses over the sheriff's office.