Volusia County residents waiting on seawall permits ahead of next storm

A tropical depression forming in the Atlantic isn't heading toward Florida, but it will send large waves.

That combined with high tides could cause more erosion in parts of Volusia County.

"We’re just trying to save what we have, try to limit the damage," said Ken Meister, who lost part of his property during Hurricane Nicole.

What's left of Meister's home is sitting on the edge.

He tells FOX 35 News he applied for a permit to build a new wall five weeks ago, but he's still waiting for approval from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

"We were ready to go after hurricane Ian," Meister said. "So, we could have beat Hurricane Nicole and all this damage the first time around if they would have approved the plans. Now we’re trying to beat the next storm."

The DEP has now relaxed its rules for who can build a seawall in the county.

But even though Meister has the materials and a contractor ready to go, he's still waiting on approval.

He and others say time is of the essence.

"Hopefully tomorrow we’ll hear that we got an emergency permit," said Krista Goodrich, who manages several properties on the coast that were badly damaged. "If not, then we might not be standing here in a couple of days."