Volusia County students receive new textbooks

Some Volusia County teachers say they are happy to have finally received textbooks they have been waiting for!

For students like Ja'naili Campbell, there's nothing better than the crisp pages and smell of a brand-new book. "I love to read!" she says.

"It was so great to see the excitement on the kids' faces to see books in their hand," says teacher Lori Rosekelly.

The Volusia County School District will be handing out thousands of books to elementary school students, specializing in math and reading.  It's something they have been waiting for the last five years, due to a change in standardized testing.

"With the change in standards, the publishers have had a hard time keeping up with our standards and then it took a few years for the publishers to produce something," Rosekelly explains.

During that time, it hasn't been easy for teachers. They had to access much of their lessons online,

"Then print individual copies so the students really didn't have copies of books. It was all just paper copies," Rosekelly says.

The district says it spent two-million dollars on the new books. Some parents say it's better than making copies.

Pam Koller says, "That's awesome! You're not wasting paper, Xeroxing things."

Rosekelly believes the books will help turn learning into fun.

"It makes such a difference to have them right before your eyes. Not a paper copy. The beautiful illustrations," she sayd.

Rosekelly says the district will decide if the books need to be updated in another 2 years.