Volusia County Sheriff meets man accused of making threat against him: 'Welcome to Florida'

A New Jersey man accused of making an online death threat toward Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood was flown to Florida on Monday to face charges, and Sheriff Chitwood was at Orlando Sanford International Airport to meet him.

As 38-year-old Richard Golden made his way down the escalator, Sheriff Chitwood was at the bottom to seemingly greet him. 

"I'm Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood. Anything you, uh – I hope you enjoy you stay. Welcome to Florida," Sheriff Chitwood said, as Golden stopped for a moment, and then walked outside where he was placed inside a law enforcement vehicle.

"He walked right by. I mean how much [more] gutless can you be?" said Chitwood outside the airport. Golden also did not respond to reporters' questions.

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Golden was arrested earlier this month at a home in New Jersey after he allegedly wrote an online threat about Chitwood on 4chan, an online messaging board, following a press conference where Chitwood condemned antisemitic messaging and flyers that were appearing in and around Volusia County.

"I can't wait to meet him when he gets off the plane." Sheriff Chitwood said at the time.

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Sheriff Chitwood said he wanted to be at the airport when Golden landed to show that he and his team will not back down against hate and violence, and said other alleged perpetrators would receive the same welcome.

"[Extremists] want to threaten to put bullets and people’s heads and don’t think they’re going to be held accountable," he said. "We’re going to hold you accountable."