Vigil held for victims in triple shooting

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Friends held a vigil Monday night in the Orlando neighborhood where  a deadly triple shooting happened over the weekend.

The shooting was just a few blocks away from a school where neighbors say kids come and play all the time.  Candles now line the street near Candlewyck Drive, where it’s quiet and dark but riddled with sadness after three men were shot there Sunday.

“We don’t expect that on this side or section of town to happen,” said John Negron, who lives nearby.

One victim, 20-year-old Luis Colon-Baez was killed. Another, Raul Santiago, is in critical condition, and the other victim as shot in the leg.

“It kind of got me on pins and needles, like should I move?” said Negron.

The shooting happened within blocks of Englewood Elementary.

“Right now you can’t be walking around because you never know what’s going to happen. A lot of kids ride their bicycle. they play with the balls around and everything,” said neighbor Brian Rios.

Orlando Police say the three victims were parked at Fish Court and Candlewyck when two men approached them and pointed a gun. They shot when the victims started running.

Neighbors are now questioning what more they can do to stay safe at home.

“The police have to be doing something like driving 24/7 around this neighborhood.”

“We don’t see that much happening on this side and then all of a sudden, it took us by surprise 04

One victim is still listed in critical condition at the hospital and police describe the suspects as two men in a truck. If you have any information about this shooting, call Crimeline at 1-800-423-TIPS (8477).