Video shows arrest of dad accused of trying to kill 4-year-old daughter

Body camera video in the arrest of a father accused of trying to suffocate his 4-year-old daughter has been released by authorities.

Michael Dublin, 28, was taken into custody in the Tangelo Park neighborhood of Orlando back in May. Deputies with the Orange County Sheriff's Office says Dublin sat on his young daughter, poured bleach in her mouth and then attempted to smother her with a pillow.
Deputies are seen interviewing witnesses, including the victim's cousin, who said she witnessed the incident.

"He [Dublin] put bleach and a flavor packet in there, he shake it up, and let her drink it. Put it in her mouth, she's holding it, he put a pillow over her head, and then started suffocating her, and then she swallowed it," the child explained. 

The young witness told deputies about the terrifying screams from her cousin.

"I heard her screaming 'Help me! Help me!' We were in the back room, and he said 'Get out of here! It's none of your business!"

The arresting deputy noted in the affidavit that Dublin "did not appear to have any remorse," and seemed to be more concerned about being arrested, than what he was accused of doing.  

Dublin was arrested on charges of attempted first-degree murder and aggravated child abuse.  

He has a long criminal history, ranging from battery to theft and drug charges.  Court records revealed that Dublin was committed to a mental health hospital. His mother told the court last that he was off his medication for schizophrenia.