‘Very lucky’: Health care workers applaud seniors who beat COVID-19

Across the world, health care workers are showing their admiration for fortunate older individuals who have recovered from the novel coronavirus.

Albert Chambers, 99, could only say “thank you very much” after successfully recovering from the virus. The 99-year-old British WWII vet received applause on April 10 when being discharged from a hospital in Doncaster, England.

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At Birmingham City Hospital in England, staff applauded Connie Titchen as she was discharged on April 15 after being treated for COVID-19. At 106 years old, Titchen is believed to be Britain’s oldest-surviving COVID-19 patient.

In Edinburgh, a Scottish man received accolades from health care staff after defeating COVID-19. Roger Street, 77, triumphantly pumped his fists while walking out of the hospital ward on April 10.

Earlier in April, a 94-year-old woman named Maria received cheers from staff upon her recovery at a hospital in Sabadell, a city in Catalonia, Spain. 

The triumphs of these older individuals have resonated with health care workers, but seniors still face a serious risk from the novel coronavirus.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that older adults, as well as people with underlying medical conditions, seem to be at a higher risk for developing serious and life-threatening COVID-19 complications.

The CDC recommends that older individuals follow necessary preventative measures, such as staying home when possible, washing hands frequently, and practicing social distancing.

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