'Very good mommy': Pregnant dog, new pups saved from death thanks to Florida rescuers

A local rescue non-profit saved a pregnant dog from death. 

The dog that was in danger is named Precious. She was next in line to be euthanized, but senior dog fosters wouldn’t let that happen. 

Touch Of Grey volunteer rescuers raced to save the almost 10-year-old dog from dying at the shelter but ended up getting more than they bargained for. 

"We received an urgent request because unfortunately – she was up for euthanasia," said Rebecca Moore who’s the community relations director for Touch Of Grey. 

The senior Chihuahua was living in a shelter after she was found in deplorable conditions in Orange County.

"There were 19 of them living in a van, not being well-fed or taken care of," said Annemarie Tuck who’s a foster parent with Touch of Grey and is currently caring for Precious and her pups. 

The trauma Precious had been through took a toll. She was underweight and started suffering from seizures.

Tuck immediately opened her home and heart to Precious but was puzzled when the 7-pound dog started getting bigger. 

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"It turned out it wasn’t her figure. She was pregnant, so it’s Touch of Grey’s first babies," Tuck exclaimed. 

Three healthy, happy and often sleepy bundles of joy are here today because their mom’s life was spared. Her story is part of a bigger issue when it comes to senior dogs being abandoned. 

"The most overlooked dogs in shelters are senior dogs," Moore added. "They are the last to get adopted if ever adopted." 

That’s where the volunteer organization Touch Of Grey steps in. They save senior dogs, like Precious, all across Florida. Through donations, the organization gets the dogs medical care and vet checkups. They save dogs from owner surrenders and shelters every day. 

"We have no idea what we are getting into when we take dogs out from shelters or owner surrenders. Most of our dogs are 7 years of age and older," said Moore. 

The organization had no idea they’d welcome puppies into the pack, but saving dogs is what it’s all about.  

Precious and her three pups, two boys and a girl, will soon be up for adoption because rescuers gave a senior a second chance.  

"She turned out to be a very good mommy," Tuck concluded. 

These rescuers are asking people to keep an open heart when it comes to adopting senior dogs. If you’re interested in naming the puppies, the organization is hosting a special sponsorship opportunity. Click HERE for more information on the new pups and how you can help them with necessary checkups. 

You can also learn more about adopting a senior dog or getting involved with Touch of Grey by clicking HERE.