Van full of kids shot up by 2 men in Detroit, 1 adult killed

Detroit Police are looking for two suspects after multiple children were hurt in a fatal shooting Wednesday morning near the City Airport. 

Police say someone shot up a green van on Sanford Street around 7:40 a.m. Three children were inside the van, two of which were rushed to the hospital. A 34-year-old man standing outside of the car by the driver's door was shot and killed in the street. 

Detroit Police Commander Eric Decker said the mother of one of the injured kids ran out of the house, called 911 and drove the shot-up van with the injured children to Children's Hospital. 

Decker said a 10-year-old girl and a 14-year-old boy were hurt in the shooting. The girl was shot in the shoulder and is in stable condition right now. The teen boy was hurt by some bullet fragments on the side of his face. Decker said the third child in the van, a 12-year-old boy, wasn't hurt.

Police don't have much of a description of the suspects at this time, but say they're looking for two men in dark clothing. Decker said about a dozen shots were fired from a high-powered handgun or rifle. 

Police say the male victim is 34 years old, but haven't given his name yet or the names of the children. They say he was the father of the 10-year-old girl, and the woman who drove the kids to the hospital was the girl's mother. 

The shooting happened in the 11000 block of Sanford, which is near Conner Street and the Coleman A. Young International Airport.

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