Universal Orlando part time ticket scanner says furlough will be tough

Universal Orlando says it plans to furlough part time hourly workers starting May 3. They are paying its workers through April 19.  After that date, only full time employees will continue to receive pay at 80% of their salaries.

Aaron Davison has proudly worn his Universal uniform for the last four years.

"I scan tickets with guests everyday," he said.

The COVID-19 pandemic is keeping the parks closed till May 31.

"The furlough’s going to be tough at first. It makes me feel disappointed, but I’m grateful for the years at Universal," Davison said.

He explained that his family had already been through rough times after recently going through a foreclosure on their home.

"We’re temporarily in a hotel for a week but after that it’s back to the car."

He has been living with his mother and father in a car. They all depend on Davison’s small paycheck to help buy his mother medication and other necessities. His mother, Emily, told FOX 35 News, "I have severe diabetes and severe M.S. I’m gonna go downhill very fast. I’ve been going downhill the last four months since we’ve been out of the house."

"He has been the bread winner probably the last three-and-a-half years, and my wife’s health’s so bad I’ve been her caregiver and that’s made it even harder," said Davison's father, Marty.

Davison is worried what will happen on May 3 but remains optimistic.

"I hope to see my friends in these shirts again."

He can’t wait to hear laughter and fun when Universal is back open.

"There’s no other place I’d rather work than universal. I say that proudly. I am proud to work for the company and it breaks my heart they had a difficult decision to make for the part timers and my heart goes out to all the part times."

The extended closure applies to Universal's theme parks, City Walk and Universal Orlando hotels.

If you would like to help the Davison family, here's a link to a Go Fund Me Account.