UCF professor adopts stowaway cat found in car

A catastrophe avoided at the University of Central Florida on Monday.

A small kitten who hitched a ride aboard a journalism professor's car could have been killed, but instead, got a brand new home.

Steve Collins, an associate professor of journalism at the Nicholson School of Communication, was driving 45 minutes from his home in Winter Garden to UCF when he heard what sounded like a cat meowing coming from his car.

He parked and went to his office, thinking nothing of it, but soon received a call from UCF Police.

Soon, the female kitten was rescued.

For Collins, keeping the kitten was an easy decision.

He named her Honda, after his car.

During Collins' interview with Fox 35, Honda got loose in the proffesor's office, but was quickly found snuggled up in a small UCF recycling bin.

Honda now joins her brand new sister, a 12-year-old cat named Cocoa.