UCF concerned about nesting bats

At the University of Central Florida, 50 bats were removed from the College of Sciences building on Monday.  Now, students are being warned to watch out for the flying mammals. 

"There's a lot of noise, and these bats can start going at any time, and I don't want to be attacked by bats anytime soon," said student Precious Rodriguez.

"The ones I've seen are small," explained student Nicholas Gonzalez. "You'll see them flying around at night, just cause the light is there, nothing too crazy or scary."

It's something no one would ever expect in class.  UCF posted warning signs on all doors to the College of Sciences building.

Bats are a familiar sight on campus. The school said seven bat houses are set up to get rid of mosquitos and other pests, but sometimes they end up in places where they shouldn't belong.

"Bats don't really bother me," said Gonzalez.  "They're eating bugs and mosquitos which makes it even better."

An aerial lift was used to search the ceiling on Monday, and the school said the bats didn't appear to pose a threat to any of the students. 

"I guess it's a hygienic thing. As long as they were take out quickly enough and the area was sanitized properly its fine," said student John Nguyen.