Trial continues into day two for 2 teens accused of killing Roger Trindade

More witnesses were called on Tuesday, as the trial in the death of Winter Park teenager Roger Trindade continued.

On Monday, things moved quickly. A jury was seated and the first witness, Trindad's friend who was with him when he died, was questioned. 

Trindade's friend testified that Simeon Hall and Jesse Sutherland, both 16-years-old but being tried as adults, sprayed him and Trindade with a stink spray. The witness went on to testify that as he and Roger chased after the pranksters, Sutherland and Hall stepped in and that's when things turned violent.

The friend also said that Trindade was a gentle, fun-loving kid who was not likely to provoke an attack.

Sutherland and Hall are on trial for killing 15-year-old Roger Trindade in Winter Park in 2016. They both face manslaughter charges.