Tons of trash expected on Volusia beaches during holiday weekend

Volusia County Beach Patrol is expecting another big year of trashed beaches following Thursday night’s Fourth of July festivities.

Last year, crews picked up 55,000 pounds of trash on the morning of July 5.  Already, on Thursday evening, it was clear that they would likely find more of the same this year.

Before the fireworks even began their were old drink containers, plastic straws and lids, chewing tobacco cans, bags, and leftover food scattered among the sand, just to name a few of the items left behind by Independence Day partiers.

"It'll only get worse,” said Beach Patrol Captain Andrew Ethridge noting that the heaviest littering tends to happen during the beachside fireworks.

Like in past years, Ethridge said their staff will be joined by volunteers Friday morning to pick all of that litter up. They encourage anyone who wants to help to come by the beach ready to clean up.