Tiny horse thought to be stolen from South Carolina farm found dead

PHOTO: Kate Fowler Nichols

A tiny horse believed to be stolen from a South Carolina farm has been found dead.

According to Stolen Horse International Net Posse, a tiny two-month-old miniature Filly was found dead on Wednesday night after going missing last week in South Carolina.

Kate Nichols owned the Filly and named it Pikachu. Kate posted about her disppearance on June 6th. She said that the animal went missing from her farm in Fountain Inn and needed to be drinking milk.

Updates continued to pour in throughout the week. On June 9th, Kate made another Facebook post about Pikachu and claimed that she was stolen and still out there.

"Pikachu was stolen and someone knows where she is," Kate said in the post.

Kate also offered a reward for Pikachu's return, which was later increased to $2,250.

Unfortunately though, on June 14th, the Stolen Horse International Net Posse posted on Facebook that Pikachu was found dead on Wednesday night. No further details were provided on why or where.

This story was written in Orlando, Florida.