Thief steals trailer from Boy Scouts

A Melbourne-area Boy Scout troop had their trailer full of equipment stolen last week.  

A troop leader showed up at Unity Church in Melbourne to pick up the trailer last Thursday before a scheduled outing only to find the parking space empty, the trailer gone.  

"The hours and the time that the boys put into it and their drive to try to earn money for the troop and do the right thing and then somebody comes and takes it all away from them," said Renee Waldrop.  

Both of her sons grew up in the troop, becoming Eagle Scouts before turning 18.  

"It's just a total empty feeling in your stomach because you realize what it meant.  The boys were ready to go on camp out this weekend and we didn't have what we needed to send them. We had to scramble and borrow things so we could send them on their outdoor experience," said Waldrop.

That trailer filled with everything they needed.

"We had tents we had canopies we had stoves and cook wear and games for the boys to play and ropes so they could practice their rope tying, everything a boy scout troop needs for an outdoor adventure was in that trailer," said Waldrop.  

The troop worked hard raising the money, buying each piece of equipment themselves over the last decade.  

"Years worth of popcorn sales and car washes," said Waldrop.  

The trailer is a white 2000 Pace American brand trialer with decals down the side that say "Boy Scouts of America Troop 285." The BSA logo is visible on both sides. The trailer has a tag number of 334WZN. 

Waldrop says whoever took the trailer knowingly stole from children.  

"It's a life lesson for them. Not everyone in the world is a good person," said Waldrop.  

On the flip side, word about the stolen trailer is spreading fast.  The troop is seeing the good in people in the aftermath.

"We've had people from five different states commenting on this and wanting to send us donations to help us because their families had been involved in scouting and they know how much it means to young men to have this experience," said Waldrop. 

Melbourne Police are investigating the trailer theft. They say the theft is suspected of occurring sometime between the evening of Monday, August 6th and the afternoon of Wednesday, August 8th.