Florida teen tries to clear his name after deadly Jones High School shooting charges dropped

State Attorney Monique Worrell is defending her actions, after deciding not to charge a teen with murder. But she also said she wants to work together with officers and get along, so they can find the person responsible and get justice for the victim's family.

"I regret the harshness of that criticism. Because it stands only to further divide us and continue the finger-pointing that exasperates the problem," said State Attorney Monique Worrell who was referring to the Orlando Police Department.

They arrested a teen in the shooting death of Gamaine Brown, after a football game at Jones High.

But the State Attorney recently decided not to file murder charges, saying officers didn’t provide enough evidence, to support a guilty verdict in court. As she tries to work with law enforcement, the teen arrested tries to clear his name.

Attorney Jacob Stuart represents, 17-year-old Jeremiah Cundiff, who was arrested in the death of Gamaine Brown. "There’s someone out there who did do this killing. But at the same time, Jeremiah is ready to move on with his life."

He tells us how Cundiff and his family have been living in fear, since receiving death threats, after Orlando Police said the shooting involved 2 gangs. 

"I’ve seen no evidence that Jeremiah was in a gang, or he had any involvement in the shooting. From the very beginning we’ve maintained Jeremiah’s innocence," said Stuart.

Terry Walker was at the game the night of the shooting and said there need to be more safety protocols at school functions. A school district spokesman said staff remains alert and security is in place. 

But Walker said, "My concern is that there’s still a person who has done this senseless killing that is still out there, and I think the community should be on alert."

Meanwhile, Worrell is inviting law enforcement officers to her office, so they can work together, for the safety of the community, "We encourage them to communicate with us, before making an arrest whenever possible. This office will not operate in a throw it-against-the-wall-to-see-what-sticks mentality. "

Orlando police say they continue to investigate the shooting, and defended the arrest by saying they had probable cause. We reached out to the victim's family but were told, he's been advised by his attorney not to talk.