System has 60% chance of developing into Tropical Storm Humberto, heavy rain expected for Florida

A disturbance in the Atlantic is expected to bring heavy rain to Florida this weekend.

The National Hurricane Center reports that the system has a 60-percent chance of developing into a tropical storm over the next 5 days and 20-percent chance of development over the next 48 hours.

An area of showers and thunderstorms is located around the southeastern Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos. If it does strengthen into a tropical storm, it would be named Humberto.

"Regardless of development, this disturbance could produce periods of locally heavy rainfall and
gusty winds across the Bahamas through Thursday, and across Florida during the weekend," the National Hurricane Center reports.

The Bahamas was just hit last week by Hurricane Dorian, which made landfall as a catastrophic Category 5 storm. The area is still attempting to recover from the devastating amount of damage.

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September 10th is the peak of hurricane season. This is because of warm ocean temperatures and overall lower wind shear. There are currently several other systems in the Atlantic. 

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