SUV crashes through South Florida backyard, flies across pool

A family in South Florida is counting their blessings after an SUV crashed through their fence and across their pool, narrowly missing their home.

Carlos Lago tells WSVN he and his family would have normally been enjoying their pool, but on that rainy Friday in Miami-Dade County, they were inside their home when a Toyota RAV4 came barreling through their backyard as the driver suffered a medical emergency behind the wheel.

Their security camera captured the moment the SUV plowed through their fence, the front bumper skipping across the pool water and careening across the desk through the other side, ultimately coming to a rest in the Lago's family's front yard.

"Parts from the car inside the pool," Lago pointed out, showing debris still on the bottom of the pool after the crash.

The woman who had been driving the SUV suffered non-life-threatening injuries and was taken to a nearby hospital.

The family said they've been wanting a nearby guard rail extended to better protect their home from vehicles that could feer off the busy street. They told WSVN this kind of crash has happened to their neighbors before.