Suspected felon shoots himself with kids nearby, Kissimmee police say

A suspected felon is dead after shooting himself in a car with two children nearby, according to Kissimmee police.

Police say Luis Valenin, 48, pointed the gun at himself while his two kids were in the car.

The felony suspect was on the run from police, ending in a chase on John Young Parkway that  shut down the road. The man's two children were rescued just minutes before that fatal gunshot. Police say Valentin was under investigation and facing several charges stemming from a child pornography case. 

Authorities say he was pulled over Wednesday night by Kissimmee police and when officers approached his vehicle, they saw him pull out a gun and point it at himself. 

The officers saw two children inside and quickly grabbed them and pulled them out of harms way, just seconds before their father fatally shot himself. 

No one else was injured in the shooting. 

While on the way to the scene, one of the Kissimmee police officers was involved in a car crash and was able to walk away without injury. 

John Young Parkway shut down for awhile but was reopened last night. The case is still under investigation.