Suspect crashes through window while wrapped in blanket

A man looking to avoid deputies crashed through a window. His escape plan needed some work. Now,  he’s under arrest.

Deputies said they had been searching for him for two days before. They say he hit his pregnant girlfriend, but he wasn’t able to escape deputies a second time.

Stefan Short jumped out of the window, wrapped in a blanket as he tried to dodge Volusia County sheriff's deputies.

“Get down! Down! Down on the ground!. Down! Do not move!” deputies can be heard shouting on body camera video.

They arrested him at his home in DeLeon Springs on a charge of battery on a pregnant woman.  Short escaped the cuffs two days before, when according to police records, he accused his pregnant girlfriend of infidelity, claiming she was cheating on him with their neighbor.  That led to fighting with the neighbor, and according to police documents, pulling his pregnant girlfriend to the ground and hitting her.

He ran off before deputies arrived, but they were back at the house two days later, and that’s when he tried to run.  According to Volusia County Jail records online, this is the seventh time Short’s been arrested for battery on a pregnant woman.

“Subject just jumped out the window. We got him detained,” deputies can be heard saying in the video.

Short is locked up in the Volusia County Jail on a $5000 bond.