Stranded dog rescued from bridge 120 feet above Mississippi River

Talk about being in the right place at the right time.

A bridge inspector came to the rescue of a dog stranded 120 feet above the Mississippi River.

Ryan Nataluk was working for bridge-design company Stantec on a span connecting Natchez, Miss. and Vidalia, La. when he noticed a distressed dog beneath the bridge deck.


(Stantec via Storyful)

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He quickly called the police for assistance and climbed down to the pup to check for any injuries.

One of his coworkers recorded video as Nataluk, the team's lead climber and rescue technician, created a makeshift harness out of rope. As he balanced himself on the bridge, he then lifted the dog to safety and into the waiting arms of an officer.


(Stantec via Storyful)

Stantec posted video of the rescue to Instagram, saying, "No one is sure how she ended up down there, but this heartwarming rescue story proves that not all heroes wear capes."

According to WAPT, Natchez police then took the dog into their care.