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No one wants to end up with a flat tire. It’s a huge inconvenience; not only are you stranded until you can change it or find a tow, you also have to shell out for a new tire most of the time. Why not save yourself from the trouble of having to even change a flat tire? Our Orlando Toyota service specialists are here to give you tips on how to prevent a flat tire altogether.

Stop flat tires in their tracks with these tips

1) Stay on top of routine car maintenance, including checking the condition of the tires. Get your tires rotated, balanced, and when necessary, aligned. Also, be sure to check the overall condition of your tires on a regular basis. Look for any damage, including bubbles, blisters, and uneven wear. These can all weaken your tires and up the chances that you get a flat.

2) Be careful of where you drive your car. When you drive around areas like construction sites, you run the risk of driving over glass, shards of metal, nails, and screws. These can puncture your tires and cause them to go flat. You should also avoid driving on roads with lots of potholes, as this can cause damage to the tires as well.

3) Keep your tires inflated to the right PSI. If your tires are underinflated, more of their surface touches the road and more heat and friction are created. This wears down the condition of the tires more quickly and makes you more likely to get a flat tire due to excessive wear. Keep your tires inflated to the right PSI; you can find the number in your owner’s manual.

4) Don’t depend on your spare to be used as a normal tire. Your spare tire is just that – a spare. It’s not meant to be driven on for long periods of time, over long distances, or at high speeds. When you put the spare on, be sure to bring your car in for a replacement tire as quickly as you can… or you’ll end up with a flat tire all over again.

5) Invest in quality tires. If you buy low-quality tires, you’re a lot more likely to run into issues with damage and performance. Spend the money upfront so you don’t have to spend it on repairs and replacement tires later.

Let our Orlando Toyota service techs replace your tires as needed

6) Be aware of recalls for your vehicle and tires. You can sign up for recall notices at the NHTSA website; they’ll send you a notification if your particular car tires have any problems and need to be recalled. This process is typically free, too, so you’ll save a few bucks.

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