Some getting creative as they celebrate the holy holidays

With Passover and Easter taking place this week, many are getting creative at home as they celebrate the holidays while also coping wtih the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s empty at the Southwest Orlando Jewish Congregation, where Rabbi Orrin Krubit says they plan to have online services celebrating Passover.

"It’s really amazing to see the resilience and creativity coming out of Jewish people to celebrate this amazing holiday, this holiday of redemption."

Over at the Fischer family’s home, they plan to do a virtual Seder.

"We’ve got our plugs and Iphones ready to go," Jeff Fischer says. "It’s mixed emotions. I love this holiday, it’s my favorite holiday of the year, and it's just sad not to be able to celebrate as we normally do with friends and family." 

His wife, Michelle, says, "We’re still trying to make this a special evening and a special dinner so we’re going above and beyond so we do have that feeling of it being a holiday."

They make it special with all the treats.

"Brisket, meatballs and matzo ball soup and we have carrot soufflé."

But they realize the meaning of this new challenge.

"It’s a holiday celebrating freedom and here we are being slaves to COVID-19 is kind of surreal, but it’s also a holiday of hope and it’s our hope every year we’ll get better," Jeff adds.

Rabbi Krublt says, "One of the messages of Passover is this universal story of redemption and we’re seeing that in action."

At the Orlando Diocese, you can call it a resurrection of church services,  as Mass goes online for Catholics celebrating, but yet protecting themselves from COVID-19.

"It’s a way of bringing the church to them into their homes," says Father Miguel Gonzalez of the Orlando Diocese. 

He says he connects with his computer.

"Deep down in my heart it may seem to be empty, but the church is alive, it’s full of enthusiasm and hope."

As many deal with the pain and suffering from COVID-19, with redemption comes a realization.

"It’s not God’s way, but God takes advantage of the situations in our daily lives to send us a message to really talk to us and talk to our hearts."