Some Brevard schools experience AC problems on first day of classes

For three schools in Brevard County, the first day of the school year included long spells with no air conditioning, no internet, and no phone connection in the office.

The district says there are three schools on Wingate Blvd. connected to the same system, and an internet connection is needed to adjust the AC settings. The internet went out, creating a domino effect. Some parents took their kids out early.

"We found out right in the morning, when we got here, and we weren't even able to walk our kids into class," said Vanity Garcia.

Garcia dropped off her seven-year-old daughter at Meadowlane Intermediate Elementary School. The first day of second grade was a hot uncomfortable start of the school year. 

"And it's her first year here at the school too." Garcia said.

Parents say the same issue happened last September. Three schools all in a row on the same street had no air. Central Middle School and Meadowlane Primary Elementary are the other two. Fans were on full blast in the classrooms, but students say that didn't do much.

"The AC is out, the Internet is out, it was about to be a rainy day dismissal, so all of that happened on the first day of school." one boy told our crew.

"It was crazy and chaotic we didn't have any air-conditioning, no Internet, the only place that had air-conditioning was the portables -- the little buildings outside where we have PE," another recounted.

The spokesman for the school system says right now the plan is to have school at the three locations as normal tomorrow. Repairs are complete.