Snook season begins in Florida this week

For fishermen in Florida, Christmas morning has arrived. Snook season opens Thursday. FOX35 news hit the waters in Port Canaveral with Captain John Walters to see where the popular spots to catch snook are.

Captain John Walters runs a port fishing charter in Cape Canaveral and knows the area well. Port Canaveral is known as the fishing hub for snook in Florida.

"Somedays you’ll be out here and you can’t even fish because there will be 25 boats trying to fish in this area, but the great thing is I know a lot of other spots that carry snook," said Captain John.

According to Captain John, snook is one of the more fun fish to catch, which is part of their appeal. 

"They give you a show a lot like tarpon," he said. "That’s why people target them."

Fox35 hit up a few more spots closer to the docks to try a different approach.

"Out earlier it’s more of you just sitting there trying to play with your toes and your fingers a little bit. This is more of going back to fishing again where you’re doing a lot of casting, a lot do throwing, a lot of searching."

Fishing for snook can be hit or miss. Captain John says it really heats up as the weather cools.

If you’d like to fish for snook, the season continues until mid-December.