Sit-in staged by UCF students in show of support for Mizzou

Students at the University of Central Florida staged a sit-in at noon on Wednesday inside the Student Union.  They were protesting racial inequality and showed support for the University of Missouri students who successfully forced a school president and chancellor to resign amid racial tension.

When it began, there were just a handful of students, but it quickly grew to a crowd of approximatley 75.  "We people to raise awareness to let them know, 'Hey, this stuff does go on on campus. If it can happen there… it can happen here," said student Michael Payne.

There was no chanting, and there only a couple of signs, but the message came through loud and clear. "This is the Student Union of course, everybody walks through here, so it was important to show that we are acknowledging what's happening," said student Ashley Estimable.  "If you stand for whatever you believe in, you may be able to get people to stand with you, and that's how change comes about it."