Singing utilities employee brings joy to elderly woman in assisted living facility

Hundreds of thousands of people have viewed a video of a utility worker singing to a local woman outside of her assisted living facility.

Sarah Cahill captured the moment last Thursday.

“This has really been hard on her and hard on me not seeing her,” Cahill explained about her elderly mother. “I’ve learned a lot about human touch during this time. It’s really important.”

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, Cahill is only allowed to see her mom from the other side of a gate at her Winter Park assisted living facility.

“I was laughing and singing crazy songs because music is everything for her,” Cahill said. "I heard across the street this beautiful voice. I said, 'You need to be over here singing to my mom because you’re so much better than I am,' so he came right over.”

The man belting it out was gas utility employee Albert Jones Jr. who happened to be working on the block.  

“It was just joy. I see her just open up. She blossomed. She started singing with me. It was beautiful,” Jones told FOX 35 News.

The video has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

Even celebrity Hugh Jackman shared it on Instagram.

Now, there’s a new video.

Someone turned 94 on Tuesday. Jones returned to sing "Happy Birthday".

“My mom was thrilled when she saw him,” Cahill said.

This act of kindness is bringing so many people happiness.

“I do hope to share that around the world,” Jones said.

A family feeling just a little bit closer thanks to that singing stranger.

“We seldom take the time to find the good in people. We're so busy and so rushed. I hope we all come out of this differently,” Cahill said.